Happy 2015! A Fascial Perspective...

January 2015 has arrived!  Now is the time for resolutions, turning over a new leaf and working hard to get rid of all that holiday fluff we added (thanks for all the yummy goodies, Gammy!  MMmmm, chocolate fudge brownies…).  My muscles are already talking to me with all the Zumba-ing and yoga-ing and elliptical racing.  Sometimes I wish I could clone myself and give myself a massage.  Even though it IS 2015, we still don’t have that capability. Or flying cars…when are they finally going to become a reality?  Anyway, the point is that this year is just underway and we are all already sore and tired.  So let’s get to massaging!  Why, you might ask?

Of course, the obvious, it feels really good.  But what else is it doing?  This is where I introduce you to fascia.  We are best friends.  We talk all day everyday.  Fascia is a connective tissue.  That is an understatement--it is THE connective tissue.  Fascia covers all of everything in your body.  Seriously.  Your nerve cells, all the cells, nerve fibers, muscle fibers, muscle groups, it sheaths your bones and organs, your spinal cord, your everything.  It is a spider webby ground substance of your body. If you peeled off your skin (gross) and took out all your bones, muscles, organs etc. and left only your fascia, guess what?  Your body would hold its shape.   When fascia is happy and healthy it’s more liquid and able to move with ease, giving you the glide you need to move.  When it is sad, due to stress, injury, posture issues (I’m looking at you desk-sitters), repetitive stress, labor trauma, surgery, etc., it begins to solidify, binding the surrounding tissues to create restriction and dysfunction.  In turn, this fascial restriction affects not only its immediate location, but also your whole body.  Because, remember, it is all connected.  Literally.  So the pain in your neck and shoulder is connected to the pain in your low back and hip, which is connected to that sore spot in your calf, which is connected to that knot in the arch of your foot.   

We all have a myriad of fascial restrictions because we have lived in gravity doing things for any number of years.  I can hear you now; “but how do I get rid of my fascial restrictions?”  You guessed it…massage!  Fascia responds like a purring kitten to warmth and movement.  So when my warm hands skillfully find those restricted sore spots that always bother you, I am truly melting away the tension as the techniques I use allow your fascia to return to its healthy fluid state.  Pretty fascinating stuff, and I love it!  Start this year out the best you can and give some much-needed TLC to your fascia -- book an appointment with me!  We will take a look at what your body tells us you need and help you to find the relief you crave.