Our approach to bodywork is a whole system one.  We address the symptom while looking elsewhere for the cause.  This approach allows for old patterns to be seen and felt, broken away from and re-established, facilitating authentic healing and long-term relief.

Our therapists customize each session to your specific needs using an integrative approach, combining different techniques to most effectively address your discomfort.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a whole system, hands-on therapy that works on all levels of the mindbody. It can utilize more “strong arm” soft tissue mobilization or off the body energy work.  But mostly, it is the use of long sustained compression or resistance provided by the therapists’ hands. This heightens the client's awareness of holding patterns and facilitates a deep release of muscle and connective tissues. To learn more about MFR check out The Blog


Reiki is an energy technique. The therapist is a conduit for Universal and life force energy (Reiki) to flow through her hands and into your physical and energetic bodies. Reiki energy is like “the force,” it flows through all things, an unseen spiritual power that connects and governs the world and Universe. This is an amazing technique with many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Please know that YOU have the ability to do self-healing with Reiki, and if you are interested in learning yourself I highly recommend you do! It is such a valuable skill that anyone can learn with practice. Until then, you can book a session with Laura Ann and experience Reiki for yourself.


Pregnancy is a profound time of life and a vital time to work on balancing the pelvis and mindbody.  It is hugely important to structurally, emotionally and energetically prepare for birth, facilitating the best birth story possible for both mother and child.  A pre-natal session can utilize many techniques to meet the many and varied needs of mommas-to-be. We have extensive experience with pregnant women and feel blessed to be included in your special and intimate journey.


These sessions focus on working through the shock waves felt after the traumatic and incredible journey of giving birth.  We work together to structurally and emotionally navigate the confusing territory of the mindbody after bringing new life into the world.  After working so hard to give baby all she needs in the womb, it is important that momma gives herself the care needed so she can care for her little one.  

Deep Tissue

Sometimes restrictions in our tissues are so ingrained that we need to force breaking them up manually so other techniques can be effective. Forcing the system can be a little painful, but we are skilled at ensuring it is therapeutic pain and not injurious work. To learn more about this, check out the blog on Depth vs. Pressure

Trigger Point

What is a trigger point?  It is a kind of ‘master knot’ found in muscle that can refer pain and tenderness to the area surrounding it and/or distant from the point itself.  The application of consistent pressure, through a variety of techniques, can cause this point to release and bring relief.


The goal of this technique is to promote circulation and help refresh tissues with blood and lymph.  We use a lighter touch and flowing strokes to stimulate blood flow, flushing your body and putting you into “rest and digest” mode.  It is most effective when used after myofascial release. 

Sports / Athletic Session

Training has its own unique impacts on the body.  These sessions can utilize many techniques, the approach we take depends on your objective.  These sessions will help decrease recovery time and the likelihood of injury and can increase performance.