Our Therapists

Our therapists are the embodiment of our founding principles.


Laura Ann

Laura Ann became a therapist and founded Homestead Healing because she feels a deep calling to help her community, and therefore the world, heal and grow. She believes that love is the answer. And she understands that the Mind, Body and Spirit are more than just connected; they are inseparable. Her many years as a therapist have taught her that everything comes back to love and acceptance of oneself.  The relationship of self is foundational to how you perceive and relate to the world around you. We often need help connecting with ourselves, processing and releasing what is causing physical and emotional pain. One powerful way to do this is through a therapist’s intuitive touch.

Myofascial Release saved Laura Ann from a world of physical pain and emotional turmoil. It has informed her worldview as well as her approach to the healing arts. It is the most profound and holistic treatment Laura Ann has ever experienced, both personally and professionally. The main tenant of Myofascial Release is “never force,” the ultimate lesson in love and acceptance.  When we try and force something, in life as in bodywork, it doesn’t work long term. But, when we feel into and accept where we are right now and love ourselves, we enter the realm of true healing and release. Of freedom. This is the ultimate destination! Laura Ann feels blessed with the opportunity to act as a guide along your healing journey. She takes this holistic approach into her work as Life and Wellness Coach. Check out her site and book a FREE Discovery Call with her to see if working with her as your Coach is a good fit for you.



Jeff is a Reiki Practitioner and Massage Therapist to both Humans and Dogs! He emanates good vibes, and his positive energy puts all of his clients at ease. Even the four legged ones! An advocate for rescue animals, Jeff himself would say he was rescued by his two Chihuahuas; Garbanzo and Java, and his two cats; Vex and Monkey.

The healing arts provide Jeff with so much connection and abundance. It's for this reason that he pursues this work; to give back through the power of intentional touch and energetic presence. Jeff’s specialty is deep tissue massage combined with relaxation and healing energy techniques. He takes a whole mind, body, spirit approach with each session to facilitate his clients’ connecting with their higher selves.

Jeff is available for house call appointments only.  Book your appointment with him now!



Alexa discovered her gift and passion for massage at the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage. Here, she learned how powerful intentional touch can be and how instrumental it is in the process of an individual’s growth and healing. Using the power of connected touch to effect change and help heal the world one session at a time brings her great prupose.

Alexa believes that wellness comes from a delicate balance of mind, body and spirit. It brings her great joy to help facilitate her clients healing journey. Whether practicing Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue or Myofascial Release, Alexa works to find the root causes of clients’ pain. Her sweet spirit, intuitive touch, and integrative bodywork are sure to help you along your own healing journey.